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About the Motorcycle Brake Lever

When we ride on a motorcycle, there are three main parts of the car that come into contact with our body: handlebars, seat and pedals. Among them, the handlebar of the motorcycle plays an important role in steering and balancing.

Ⅰ. The size of the motorcycle brake lever

Generally speaking, the width of the handlebar ranges from 50CM to 120CM. This main parameter determines our steering flexibility. The parameters of handlebar height and rear towing size are also indispensable. The height is the distance between the handlebar height of the handlebar and the upper triangle plate connected to the vehicle, and the rear drag size refers to the horizontal distance between the geometric connection of the handlebar control width and the connection point of the upper triangle plate of the car.

Ⅱ. The technology of the motorcycle brake lever

The material needs to be seamless steel pipe, but there are also relatively low-level seam steel pipes. Cold bending is a necessary processing condition. Part of the handlebars need to be welded, usually argon arc welding, but the welding temperature is relatively high, you need to use fixtures to maintain the shape, and can only be removed after cooling. There are also details, such as the treatment of welding seams, the treatment of burrs at the openings, and the smoothing of the inner tube required for internal wiring. The most important thing is electroplating. The electroplating of a good motorcycle brake lever generally adopts a vacuum cathode coating method.

Ⅲ. Connection of motorcycle brake lever

There are two main ways to connect the handlebar and the car, namely soft connection and hard connection. Many original handlebars use rubber soft sleeves when connecting the triangle plate, which effectively avoids the vibration from the engine and the road, but it does not have a direct road feel and control. Hard connections rarely appear on original cars. When used with T-BAR, it can effectively improve handling performance, but it will lose some comfort.

Ⅳ. The types of motorcycle brake lever

The handlebar shape is mainly divided into 4 categories, BEACHBAR (beach flat handle), APE (ape high handle), T-BAR (T-shaped handle), Z-BAR (Z-shaped handlebar).

1. BEACHBAR: The shape of the beach bar is curved, but the height is very low. It is mostly used by FATBOY and HERITAGE.

2. APE: APE does not refer to the shape of the handlebars, but the posture of the rider. The high handle allows the driver's arms to be raised, and it looks like an ape moving on a tree from the front.

3. T-BAR: It looks like an English T. The handlebars and the column are welded together. They are generally hard-connected. The control feels good, but it is not suitable for long-term driving.

4. Z-BAR: The shape of the handlebar is two Z.

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