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Classification of the Motorcycle Brake Accessories

Motorcycle brakes are very important for people to drive motorcycles. A good motorcycle brake can escort us. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some knowledge of motorcycle brakes.

Motorbike brakes are devices that decelerate or stop a motorcycle. There are two commonly used ones, one is called a disc brake, and the other is a drum brake. Their principle is the same, they all use friction to generate braking force, this kind of brake is called friction brake.

1. The motorcycle disc brake parts

Motorcycle disc brake parts are now the most common to us, and we usually have them in our cars. Most of the brakes used on motorcycles are disc brakes. The working principle of the disc brake system is to install a disc that rotates synchronously with the wheel on the hub, and install a caliper on the front fork and the frame, and then clamp the disc through the brake block in the caliper to achieve the purpose of braking.

Disc brakes are sometimes called disc brakes. They are divided into ordinary disc brakes and ventilated disc brakes. Ventilated disc brakes have many circular ventilation holes drilled on the disc surface, or cut ventilation slots on the end surface of the disc or prefabricated rectangular ventilation holes. Ventilated disc brakes use the effect of air flow, and their cooling and heating effects are better than ordinary disc brakes.

The main advantage of disc brakes is that they can brake quickly when braking at high speeds. The heat dissipation effect is better than that of drum brakes. The braking efficiency is good and it is easy to install advanced electronic equipment like ABS. Its disadvantage is that it is not easy to brake for a long time, and the brake is easy to fail.

2. The motorbike drum brake

Drum brakes are also common in our daily life, and are mostly used for small displacement and low-priced motorcycles and rear brakes. This drum brake is equivalent to when we were riding a bicycle when we were young, if the brake broke, we would directly unload the front mud tiles and step on the wheels to slow down when going downhill. The tires are the drum wheels in our drum brakes, and the soles are the drum brake pads, so the soles will be changed soon. Its advantages are lower cost and easier maintenance, but the braking effect is worse, and it will affect the braking effect when overheated.

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