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Do You Know About These Aspects of Motorcycle Brake System?

Brakes are devices used to decelerate or stop motorcycles, and there are two common types: disc brakes and drum brakes. Their principle is the same, which is to use friction to generate braking force, and this type of brake is called friction brake. The advantage of disc brakes is timely braking, not easy to age, and not easy to have brake failure, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to brake for a long time, and brake failure is prone to occur. The characteristic of drum brakes is that they can brake for a long time without brake failure, but if used for a long time, tire burst is prone to occur.

Types of motorcycle brake system

Disc brakes

Custom motorcycle brake discs are currently the most common and are generally installed on motorcycles. The working principle of the disc brake system is to install a disc that rotates synchronously with the wheel hub, and install a caliper on the front fork and frame, and then clamp the disc through the brake pad inside the caliper to achieve the purpose of braking.

Drum brakes

Drum brake, which is also common in our daily life and can be seen everywhere on some commuter vehicles. Its advantages are low cost and simple maintenance, but the braking effect is slightly worse, and it will affect the braking effect when overheated. It is mostly used for low-priced small-displacement motorcycles and rear brakes.

Knowledge of motorcycle brake system modification

If the original brake system is lacking, the driver will feel that the braking force is not obvious when pressing the custom motorcycle clutch and brake levers, the braking distance is long, and the stability of the vehicle during braking is weakened. All these feelings point to one thing, which is "weak brake", so the brake system must be upgraded.

Nowadays, more and more people are modifying their brakes, which is a good trend. It shows that riders have realized the weakness of the original braking power and are improving the braking system to enhance driving safety and stability. Jumpo motorcycle brake supplier has various selections of motorcycle brake for sale, inquiry us.

Many riders think that replacing a caliper is the only thing needed for brake of motorcycle modification, but this is not entirely correct. As a system, the motorcycle caliper parts are only a part of the entire brake system. Therefore, the correct brake modification requires replacing a suitable master cylinder to drive the entire brake system, and then connecting the universal brake master cylinder for motorcycles and caliper with a steel hose. The modified steel hose (brake oil pipe) has better anti-expansion properties, and with high-quality brake oil, brake attenuation at high temperature can be reduced.

Also, a double-acting multi-piston caliper should be used in conjunction with a large-diameter porous floating disc, which not only helps dissipate heat from the brake disc, but also has a great effect on the stability of braking. Finally, do not forget to replace high-performance brake pads, which are better equipped to deal with braking loads and accelerate heat dissipation.

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