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Do You Master the Correct Use of a Motorcycle Brake?

1. How to use the front and rear moto brakes?

For the operation mode of ordinary people, it is suggested to simplify the control instructions of the motorcycle body. The accelerator and brake should not exist at the same time. In daily driving, hold the handle with fingers and master the dynamic conditions of the motorcycle. When you need to brake, push both arms straight forward and put your fingers on the custom motorcycle levers to apply pressure. Increase or decrease the speed and force of the pressure depending on the urgency of the situation until the motorcycle stops. It's not just touching the brake lever or hitting the bottom that stops the motorcycle. For general people, an emergency can cause shock, tension, or fear. In the condition of adrenaline rush, the pressure is almost always one or zero, so the front and rear force configuration of emergency brake always fails, and the situation almost ends in tragedy

2. What if we only use the rear motorcycle brake in emergency brake?

According to the motorcycle brake performance configuration, in the body structure design, the front brake is usually strong, so the brake distance is far if the rear brake is used alone, and if the rear wheel is locked, the motorcycle will slide further. If you only use the rear brake, not only the braking distance elongated, the motorcycle is more likely to be locked and slide.

3. Can we only use the front motorcycle brake?

Of course not! When we only use the front brake, Because of inertia, the body of the car under the acceleration of gravity will converge on the front wheels along the path of the arms to the front shock absorber, and the front load will be heavier and the back load will be lighter, At this point, the grip of the front wheel is related to the result of stopping. If the grip is strong enough, too much pressure on the front brakes will lift the rear wheels. If the rear wheel elevation is too high, the motorcycle will roll forward. Or in the braking process, as long as the front wheel encountered bumpy road, potholes, sand, water, oil stains, marking, and manhole cover, or the force between the left and right arm is not balance, the headstock will veer to the left or right. The motorcycle will even tilt and loses road holding capacity. You'll notice that the time from sitting on the motorcycle to falling to the ground is less than a second, and then you will start the slide on the ground. Therefore, we often see that in motorcycle accidents, before the motorcycle has a collision or bump, they fall or overturn first, these accidents are often defined as falling in news.

If only the front brake is used, the gravity center of the motorcycle applies pressure on the front wheels and forks. Why not use both the front and rear brakes at the same time? It is good but difficult. For people with a strong right brain, the left hand reacts faster; for people with a strong left brain, the right hand reacts faster. For cyclists, the hand will be faster because the brain sends the signal to the hand first.

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