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How Much Do You Know About Motorcycle Safety Parts Calipers?

For riders, being able to brake is more important than running fast. Motorcycles should still focus on safety. Motorcycle braking performance is also an important part of safe riding. Only by ensuring good braking performance can there be more safety. Let's briefly talk about motorcycle calipers and other related issues. After reading this article, maybe you have a better understanding of calipers.

1. Will it be safer to upgrade motorcycle calipers?

In fact, this is not necessarily the case. Upgrading the caliper may bring better braking force and increase the braking force, but it is not safe to upgrade only one caliper. It also requires simultaneous improvement and upgrading of brake pumps, discs and other handling performance. If we only change the calipers, it may cause hidden dangers, and if the brakes are too strong and do not adapt, it will also cause danger. Do you know about our common one-way calipers and opposing calipers? In fact, it can be understood from the literal meaning that a one-way caliper is a so-called caliper with a piston design on only one side and a fixed brake pad on the other end.

2. Several types of motorcycle calipers

In order to allow the brake pads to bite the disc well, the unidirectional motorcycle calipers will be equipped with floating pins. This design allows the calipers to move side to side and promote stable bite. The opposing caliper is designed with pistons on both sides of the caliper. The number of pistons on both sides is not fixed, there are two, there are three, and so on. Mainly use the oil pressure to squeeze the piston to push the brake pad in both directions to clamp the disc. In terms of braking performance, opposing calipers are obviously much more efficient than unidirectional calipers, and it can effectively avoid self-bending. Many modified parts are also opposing calipers.

After talking about one-way and opposing calipers, let's talk about radial calipers: it is sometimes called radial calipers. The biggest difference between radial calipers is that the screws at both ends are locked in a radial manner, while other calipers are often side-locked. The vertical locking points at both ends of the caliper and the wheel axle form an isosceles triangle, and the braking stress will be evenly distributed on the disc to greatly increase the braking force, spreading the stress to the disc like a radial fan, so it is called a radial caliper. Radial locking is an effective way to reduce lateral shear.

Because motorcycle calipers will produce some self-distortion during operation. If the distortion is serious, it will directly cause radial tapered wear on the brake pads. It is easy to say but it is not easy to understand in practice. Only those who have used them will clearly understand and will choose radiation calipers. So can ordinary calipers be changed to radial calipers? In fact, it is not completely possible. The advantage of the radiation caliper lies in its radial locking point. Many non-radiation calipers on the market are modified by the caliper seat. The caliper seat also has lateral shear force, which is different from the real radiation caliper. 

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