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How Often Should the Brake Discs of a Motorcycle Be Replaced?

In simple terms, a motorcycle brake disc is a round disc that rotates when the motorcycle is running. The brake caliper clamps the brake disc to generate braking force. When holding the brake, the brake pad clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop. Disc brakes work well, but they are also more prone to wear than drum brakes.

The following are the replacement instruction of motorcycle brake disc rotors.


Generally speaking, the brake block (that is, the two pieces in the brake caliper) needs about 20,000-30,000 kilometers to be replaced, while the replacement mileage of the motorbike brake discs is generally about 40,000-50,000 kilometers. Of course, the replacement mileage is not completely absolute, it is determined by the owner's own driving habits (whether he likes sudden braking), road conditions, maintenance cycle and other factors.


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When Should Motorcycle Brake Discs Be Replaced?

Motorcycle brake discs should be replaced when they exhibit certain signs of wear or damage. Factors such as mileage, riding conditions, and braking habits influence their lifespan. As a general guideline, motorbike brake discs should be replaced when they reach their minimum thickness limit, which is typically specified by the manufacturer. Other signs indicating the need for replacement include deep scoring, cracks, or warping. Unusual vibrations or pulsations during braking can also indicate worn-out braking motorcycle discs. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to detect any issues early on. It's recommended to consult the motorcycle's owner manual or seek professional advice to determine the specific replacement intervals for motorcyle brake discs.

How To Replace And Install Motorcycle Brake Rotors?

Replacing and installing motorcycle brake rotors, also known as motorbike brake discs or braking motorcycle discs, requires a few key steps. First, secure the bike on a stand and remove the brake caliper, which holds the disc in place. Next, detach the old disc by loosening the bolts securing it to the wheel hub. Clean the hub surface thoroughly before installing the new motorcyle brake disc. Align the holes on the disc with the hub and tighten the bolts evenly. Finally, reattach the brake caliper, ensuring proper alignment, and test the brakes before riding. It's advisable to consult the motorcycle's service manual or seek professional guidance for specific instructions.

Conditions for replacing motorcycle brake discs

(1) In addition to the driving mileage mentioned above, if the brake block is severely worn and continues to be used, the iron block of the brake block will rub against the motorbike brake discs, and the custom motorcycle brake discs will soon wear out deep grooves, which need to be replaced immediately.

(2) Although the brake block is not ground to the motorbike brake discs, there are deep grooves on the brake disc due to long-term use. When the combined thickness of the deep grooves on both sides exceeds 3 mm, the brake disc needs to be replaced.

(3) Although the surface of some motorbike brake discs is smooth, they have been worn too thin. In addition, the brake pump is rusted and the brake pads are also excessively worn. At this time, not only the brake disc should be replaced, but also the brake pump should be maintained.

Daily maintenance method of motorcycle brake discs

After riding a motorcycle for a long time, the brake disc of the motorcycle will generate a lot of heat under braking, so do not wash the car immediately after riding the motorcycle for a long time, you should turn off the engine to reduce the surface temperature of the motorbike brake discs, and prevent the high temperature brake disc from being exposed to cold water and heat. Expansion and contraction produce deformation. It is also necessary to prevent the rock from hitting the brake disc and causing deformation. After locking the rim, forgetting to unlock the vehicle and starting the vehicle will easily lead to the deformation of the brake disc. When the brake disc is deformed, a friction sound in one direction will be produced.

In addition, the best way to improve the life of the motorbike brake discs is to maintain good driving habits and try to avoid sudden braking and sudden stop. Diligently clean up the sand on the motorbike brake discs, and often check whether the brake pad is worn to the point of contact with the motorbike brake discs.

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Technical Specifications of Jumpo Motorcycle Brake Disc Rotors

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