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How Should the Change Front Disc Brake for a Motorcycle?

Although there will be differences between motorcycle brands and models, the replacement procedures for some parts are exactly the same. In particular, the replacement of some external accessories will be highly consistent. The replacement process of motorcycle brake rotor discs can refer to the following content.

(1) Support the vehicle

First, put the vehicle on a flat place. Pull up the large bracket and then place a heavy object on the vehicle shelf to prevent the vehicle from tipping over during the disassembly process.

(2) Disassemble the wheel

Disassemble the front axle fastening nut of the motorcycle first. Then pull out the front axle and the wheel can be taken off. Under normal circumstances, this step is easy to complete, but some vehicles may rust because they have not been disassembled for a long time. At this time, you need to hit the front axle with a hammer. When doing this operation, you must pay attention to the wire on the front axle, otherwise it will be very troublesome to install later.

(3) Disassemble the brake rotor disc

It is actually very easy to disassemble the motorcycle brake rotor disc. It needs to use a special hexagonal wrench to turn the screw to the left, loosen it diagonally and remove them one by one.

(4) Install the brake rotor disc

When installing the brake plate, there are usually front and back sides. After distinguishing the front and back sides, you can tighten the screws diagonally one by one.

(5) Install the front wheel

The installation of the front wheel is actually very easy. It is worth noting here that the gear teeth in the speedometer must be installed in place, otherwise the gears will be easily damaged and the kilometers meter will not be able to work normally in the later stage. As for the electronic kilometer, just put the motorcycle brake rotordisc into the brake caliper.

(6) Rotation test

After inserting the front axle, do not rush to tighten the fastening nut, but try to rotate the wheel to see if the rotation is flexible. Then slowly tighten the nut and continue to rotate and observe. If it is normal, there is nothing wrong with the installation.

(7) Brake test

There is no need to adjust the brake system after replacing the motorcycle brake rotor disc. However, if there is an over-tightening phenomenon, you can gently push the caliper towards the brake disc and the gap can basically return to normal after repeated operations.

The above is the replacement operation process of the front brake disc of the motorcycle. As long as the whole process is careful, there will not be too many problems. The most notable things are the tach gears and brake slack. In addition to these, you just need to turn the screws.

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