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How to Adjust the Brake Lever of Electric Vehicle with Too Small Stroke?

The brake lever of electric vehicle is the safety guarantee for our daily travel, so we should check the brake of electric vehicle carefully before traveling. If you find a fault, it should be repaired in time to ensure the safety of travel. Below Jumpo will share with you how to adjust the small situation in the stroke of the e bike brake levers. If the stroke of the brake lever of the electric vehicle is too small, how to adjust it?

(1) Step1: Check the stroke of the brake lever of the electric vehicle. If the stroke is too small, the braking effect is good, but it costs electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the stroke of the brake handle, and the stroke of the brake handle should be increased to within the normal range.

(2) Step 2: Brake cable fixing screw. The function of the brake cable fixing screw is to tighten the brake cable and adjust the stroke of the brake lever. When adjusting the brake cable fixing screw, it should be loosened a little, not all of it. If it is fully loosened, the brake cable may be disengaged.

(3) Step 3: Adjust the brake cable fixing screw. Use the No. 10 of the No. 10-12 wrench to loosen the adjustment brake cable screw, and the brake cable can be pulled a little (the wrench should be rotated counterclockwise to loosen it), and it is enough to loosen it one to three turns.

(4) Step 4: Tighten the brake cable, loosen the brake cable adjustment screw, and gently hold the brake handle with your left hand to pull the brake cable back.

(5) Step 5: Tighten the brake cable fixing screws. Use the No. 10 wrench of No. 10-12 to tighten and adjust the brake line screw (the wrench should be turned clockwise to tighten). You just need to tighten the screws, don't use too much force.

(6) Step 6: Check whether the stroke of the brake lever of the electric vehicle is qualified. You should hold the brake handle with your left hand and turn the rear wheel of the electric vehicle with your right hand. Adjust the brake lever travel within the normal range.

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