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How to Adjust the MTB Brake Levers

1. Adjustment of the angle of the MTB brake lever

Before riding a bicycle, you must first learn to stop, that is, to brake. This is the first step to riding safely. The angle of the MTB brake levers of course also plays a key role. The brake handle can generally be set between 35-45 degrees, so that the back of the hand and the forearm can be flat when riding. If the angle between the back of the hand and the forearm bends up or down too much, it means that the angle of the handle is wrong and needs to be readjusted.

The correct angle of the brake handle can make the muscles of the arm and palm the most comfortable, and can apply force and react most quickly. Remember, stopping the car, that is, braking, is the first step to riding a bicycle safely. One thing is to put the brake handle in the best, most correct and most natural position, so that the chance of danger can be minimized in the event of an accident. It is not enough to have the right angle of the bicycle brake lever parts, but also whether the fingers can control the handle correctly. Most of the current bicycle parts are based on the body shape of Europeans and Americans. Therefore, for Orientals, the size is often one size larger.

After years of evolution, most of the current bicycle brake handles have a very wide adjustment space. So just ask the owner of the store to adjust the position of the brake handle according to the size of your palm and the length of your fingers. Basically, the second joint of the index finger and middle finger can be placed firmly on the brake handle to be considered a pass. This is really dangerous. When the bike brake accessories are used, the reaction time and force of the brakes are fast enough and powerful enough. Especially female friends with small palms must pay special attention to this! Don't use your small palms and fingers to succumb to the big handle designed for big Western men. In fact, just a little adjustment can make the car a part of your body. Safety requires careful attention!

2. Adjustment of the width of the MTB brake levers

The width of the MTB brake lever is probably wider than the shoulders, at least the same width as the shoulders, so that the handling will be dexterous and powerful, and the chest muscles will naturally stretch, allowing you to breathe smoothly. Handlebar width that is too narrow can get in the way when cornering, which affects handling and is dangerous, and it makes it impossible to take a big breath. But the width of the handlebars that are too wide is not good. It will be like driving a "tractor" (truck), and the upper body will tend to lean forward too much, which will only increase strength and increase the burden on the waist.

When the angle, height, and front-to-back position of the seat cushion, as well as the height and length of the faucet, and the width of the bicycle brake handle are all set according to the above method, the knees and legs can really exert strength and are not prone to sports injuries; The upper body is slightly in the shape of a "bow", which can naturally absorb the impact and vibration of the road surface; while the forearm is slightly opened and slightly bent, which also slightly loads the weight of the upper body; the fingers are naturally placed on the brake handle, which can stop your car quickly and easily.

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