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How to Repair the Disk Brake Motorcycle System?

As any motorcyclist knows, a motorcycle must not only go fast, but also stop stably. If a motorcycle just runs fast and can't stop as you want to, you're joking with your life! Now the motorcycles have mostly used the disc brake system, because the effect of the disc brake is relatively better, but the structure is more complex than the drum brake system before. Therefore, the use and maintenance of motorcycle brake system is very important. Today, Jumpo shares some relevant knowledge points and encourages everyone.

Let's talk about the brake fluid first. It is an important transmission medium in the whole motorcycle brake system. If the brake fluid is not properly selected, the brake system may fail unexpectedly and cause dangers due to braking delays. Brake fluid is also called brake oil, which can be divided into alcohol brake fluid, synthetic brake fluid and mineral oil brake fluid according to its raw materials, process and use requirements.

Synthetic brake fluids and mineral oil-based brake fluids are mostly used in automobiles, and alcohol-based brake fluids are mostly used in motorcycles. Brake fluid has the characteristics of low freezing point, good low temperature fluidity, high boiling point, no bubbles at high temperature, good chemical stability, and no corrosion of metal parts and rubber parts of the brake system. The biggest disadvantage of alcohol-based brake fluid is that it is easy to absorb water, resulting in a lower boiling point. In this way, many air bubbles will be generated in the system during braking, which will reduce the braking force and cause safety hazards to the driver. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the brake fluid should be replaced every two years, and the brake fluid that has been opened and left for a long time is not recommended to be used again. The maintenance of the disc brake system focuses on three words, namely "look", "try" and "discharge".

1. Maintenance of disk brake motorcycle: Look

It means checking the appearance. 1) Check if the brake fluid leaks. If it leaks, wipe up the leakage first and check if the leakage is serious. Timely go to the repair shop to find out the cause and repair it in this situation. 2) Check if there is sediment at the brake calipers. If there is sediment, clean it first to prevent that the brake cylinder and friction disc do not return, which can influence the braking effect and braking system life. 3) Check the brake fluid. If the liquid level is lower than the minimum line, an appropriate amount of brake fluid of the same specifications should be added to the top notch line; if the color is discolored or cloudy, the brake fluid is aging and needs to be replaced. 4) Check the motorcycle disc brake. When the motorcycle disc brakes are worn to the marked line, they should be replaced in pairs.

2. Maintenance of disk brake motorcycle: Try

Grab the brake handle, and the disc brake should respond quickly. If you feel that the braking action is not crisp but spongy, and the disc plate cannot clamp brake disc, it shows that the air enters the brake system into the air, reducing the brake effect.

3. Maintenance of disk brake motorcycle: Exhaust

It is a dangerous situation that the air enters the motorcycle brake braking system, which may lead to accidents due to brake failure. There are many reasons for the entrance of air into the brake system pipeline, for example, the sealing of the pipeline is poor, the aerothermal gasification produces gas resistance, the alcohol brake fluid absorbs water, etc. If the air enters the motorcycle brake braking system, you need a repairman to remove air in time. Or you can refer to a post written some time ago to discharge the air.

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