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Jumpo Participated in the China International Bicycle Exhibition

The company participated in the China International Bicycle Exhibition held in Shanghai on February 5, 2021.5-5.8.  On May 5 and 6, China Exhibition will hold "international purchase fair for baby strollers and Spare parts" and "international purchase Fair for bicycles, electric vehicles and spare parts" respectively in W1 Hall .

The active participation of supply and demand parties in the meeting was warm.

The organizing committee has set up a special cross-border procurement negotiation area in W1 International Brand Hall, and arranged volunteers to provide on-site translation to facilitate the smooth communication between exhibitors and purchasers  .At the fair, the product type and location are clearly divided, and the category indicator is clearly marked .Buyers and exhibitors are easy to find the invitation, the staff of the negotiation area also according to the needs of buyers or exhibitors  .

Broadcast demand intention to provide more opportunities for trade communication.

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