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Knowledge of Electric Bicycle Brakes

Whether it is a road bike or a mountain bike, the brakes are crucial, and the brakes are the safety guarantee for riding. The common brake systems of adult electric bicycles are mainly divided into V brakes, disc brakes, and caliper brakes.

1. V brake of electric bicycle brakes

Electric bicycle brake V-brake is a very common brake device on ordinary bicycles. Two brake pads generate frictional force on the rim of each other, so as to achieve the braking effect. Because its shape resembles the word "V", it is called V brake.

2. Disc brakes for electric bicycle brakes

Disc brakes consist of a brake disc attached to the wheel and a caliper on the edge of the disc. When braking, the high-pressure brake fluid pushes the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to produce a braking effect. Today, disc brakes have become the mainstream configuration of current road bikes, mountain bikes, etc. with strong braking force and stable wheel set fixing.

Disc brakes can be divided into hydraulic drive and wire-pull drive according to the common driving methods. Hydraulic disc brake is a brake component that uses hydraulic oil as a braking medium. The working principle is to compress the oil through the piston in the brake handle, and transmit the pressure through the oil to the caliper to rub the disc to play the role of braking, also called oil. Disc brakes. Since the oil disc brake uses oil as the medium, the operation process must first ensure the airtightness, so the force loss of the oil brake during the transmission process is less, the electric bicycle brake is quite sensitive, feels good, and operates smoothly. Many high-performance cars will use oil disc brakes. In terms of braking power, it can satisfy a lot of riding styles, such as cross-country racing and downhill racing. However, due to the closed structure, the installation, maintenance and replacement of the oil brake are more troublesome.

The wire-pull drive is often referred to as a mechanical disc brake, which relies on the pulling force of the brake wire to rub the brake pads in the caliper and clamp the disc to produce a braking effect. In terms of price, line brakes are much cheaper than oil brakes. The braking force of the wire brake is smaller than that of the oil brake, but it is completely sufficient for daily riding, especially during long-distance riding, many riders will also choose the wire brake. Wire brakes are more dominant in terms of weight and maintainability.

3. Caliper brake of electric bicycle brakes

The caliper brake in the electric bicycle brake is more common in the use of road bikes and folding bikes. It is also often referred to as C brake, divided into double pivot brake and single pivot brake. Dual pivot brakes, where the left and right arms are fixed on different pivots, for use with the brake lever. With the arm positioning fine-tuning knob, the balance of the arms on both sides can be adjusted. More braking power than single pivot brakes. The single-pivot brake looks similar to the double-pivot, but there is only one support point, which is located on the fixed axis of the support arm.

In general, the best braking performance is the hydraulic disc brake, which is sensitive and has a high safety factor. But if you only need to meet ordinary riding or exercise, V brakes, line brakes, etc. are all possible. After all, oil brakes are expensive and heavy, so what kind of brake system your car is equipped with depends on your needs.

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