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Participated In The Supplier's Annual Meeting And Won The Cost Improvement Award

Hard work, continuous innovation, trials and hardships, casting brand.  



Since its establishment, Kimper has made brilliant achievements step by step.  


With the further expansion of the company, the company will move to a new level in 2020, with a new factory in Donggang Liguo Industrial Park covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, with professional production equipment, inspection equipment and perfect management system.  Company has a professional technical personnel and management team, has the domestic advanced aluminum alloy precision casting and heat treatment equipment, on-line detection fully functional columnar running water production line, four axis linkage CNC processing center, disc brake, machining automation plane, complete automatic performance of coating product line production bake, production equipment, such as aluminum alloy composition analysis spectrometer,  Comprehensive test bench for testing disc brake performance, rubber ozone resistance and aging resistance tester, disc brake durability test bench, brake drag moment tester and other quality assurance testing instruments.

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