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Bicycle Caliper

We can supply most types of caliper brakes bike that can be customized with your logo once meet MOQ of OEM.  Bicycle brake caliper parts can meet your bicycle brake calipers wholesale and retailing business very well. We have strict quality control system. Our bike calipers have good reputation in the market. Inquiry bike disc brake caliper price!

What are the Different Types of Brake Calipers

Specifications of Bicycle Caliper

The piston cylinder number(mm)2
The piston diameter(mm)φ21
The thickness of brake lining4
Brake disc thickness(mm)2
Brake disc diameter(mm)φ160,φ180,φ203

Available Types of Caliper Brakes Bike

Our bicycle brake calipers are availbale for road bike brake caliper set and mountain bike brake caliper(MTB brake caliper), in which, road bike disc brake caliper and mountain bike disc brake calipers have also been exported to many overseas countries. Custom your bike front caliper brake and rear brake caliper bike in bulk wholesale demands.

Can I Use Any Rotor with Disc Brakes

Every bike disc brake rotor has a compatible bike disc brake caliper, while choosing cycle disc brake rotor, be specific about the parameters, then ask us about your demands, and we will offer your best options about the correct disc brake caliper for cycle. Choose Jinpo's wholesale bike disk brake caliper.

Advice on Adjusting Bike Caliper Brakes

For the hydraulic brake caliper bikes, it is only necessary to adjust the position of the caliper fixing when adjusting caliper bicycle brakes. As we have mentioned before, the caliper fixing screw hole is oval, with the ability to adjust left and right. No matter what kind of fixing method, including flush mount calipers and direct mount calipers, the adjustment method is the same through the way the adapter is mounted.

For mechanical disc brakes, the method of adjusting caliper brakes on a bicycle is the same as for hydraulic brake caliper for bicycle, but the difference is that the mechanical brake pads on both sides have a freer adjustment range.

What are the Different Types of Brake Calipers

  • Bicycle Caliper 075
  • Bicycle Caliper 149
  • Bicycle Caliper 168
  • Bicycle Caliper 169

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FAQ about Bicycle Caliper

  • Q What is your terms of payment?

    Our payment is a 30% T/T deposit and a 70% balance payment before shipment.  We can produce samples. We can supply samples but when you place a large order, we will refund the sample charge. We keep good quality and competitive prices, and we respect every customer as our friend.

  • Q What are the parts of a brake caliper?

    Brake caliper is composed of caliper frame, movable pin, dust sleeve, brake pad, caliper housing and piston.

  • Q What do brake calipers do?

    Bicycle calipers can also be called brake sub-pump, bike brake calipers are very many pistons inside, the role of the caliper is to push the brake pads clamping brake discs, this way the car can be slowed down

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