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About the bicycle brake system we all supply, include bicycle caliper, bicycle master cylinder, bicycle brake lever, bicycle brake disc, and bicycle brake pads. we can also supply customized brake system, just need customer supply samples or drawings. Our customized brake product, can not only meet the performance requirements of customers but also meet the personalized requirements of customers. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, customers are absolutely assured of the quality of our products.

Different Types of Bike Brake Parts

  • Bicycle Caliper Bicycle Brake Calipers

    We can supply most of the bicycle parts can be customized with your logo once meet MOQ of OEM. It can meet your bicycle parts wholesale and retailing business very well.We have strict quality contr...
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  • Bicycle Master Cylinder Bicycle Master Cylinder

    We have a wide range of bicycle master cylinders, and can also be customized according to customer needs.
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  • Bicycle Brake Rotor Disc Bike Disc Brake Rotor

    A wide variety of products, if you need to customize, you can provide samples at the same time you need to pay the mold fee.
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  • Bicycle Brake Lever Cycle Brake Lever

    Diversified styles, can meet the various needs of customers, customized customers need to pay the mold fee.
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Advantages of Bicycle Spare Part

  • 1
    Jingpo bicycle spare parts are of superior quality.
  • 2
    Jingpo bicycle spare parts are tough and dependable.
  • 3
    Jingpo bicycle spare parts include longer warranties.
  • 4
    Jingpo bicycle spare parts can save you money.

FAQ about Bicycle Spare Part

  • Q

    What bike brake components are included?


    Upper pump body, piston, handle, oil cup lid, aluminum half cover, oil pipe, lower pump body, opposite pump, aluminum bracket, lower pump piston, and all kinds of standard parts  

  • Q

    What's the application of bike brake accessories in bicycle brake mechanism?


    In the process of riding, the rider holds the brake handle of the pump, the oil pushes the piston of the upper pump to generate oil pressure which is transmitted to the lower pump body through the oil pipe, and the ejector piston pushes the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to play a brake role.  

  • Q

    How do you adjust brakes on a bike with Jumpo bike brake parts?


    Where the pump body is connected with the handle, there is a screw and the bottom of the piston are connected to adjust the nut. The nut can adjust the span of the handle. During the span adjustment, the hand grip force will change, the hand feel can be adjusted to be soft and hard, and the brake force of the pump body can be adjusted.  

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