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E Bike Disc Brakes

CNC machining equipment to make sure the electric bike disc brakes suit all kinds of electric bikes.Professional production equipment to ensure product quality and production.Professional testing equipment to test the performance of the product.

E Bike Disc Brakes Technical Specifications

Product name

Electric bike brake disc




OEM quality

External diameter


Center distance


Internal diameter


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Disc Brakes for Electric Bike FAQs

  • Q

    What is the payment methods?


    When you quote, we will confirm with you the trading method, FOB CIF, or other methods.

  • Q

    What products can you offer?


    We supply all brake systems for an electric bikes. For more accessories about electric bicycle brakes, such as 

  • Q

    How long will we get a reply after we send you an inquiry?


    We will reply to you within 8 hours after receiving the inquiry within the working day.

  • Q

    How is the goods delivered to the customer?


    Usually we ship by sea,because the sea export is very convenient.Of course,if the customer’s goods are urgent,we can also send by air.

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