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About Electric bicycle brake system we all supply, include an Electric bicycle caliper, Electric bicycle master cylinder, ebike brake lever, Electric bicycle brake disc and Electric bicycle brake pads. we can also supply customized brake systems, just need customer supply samples or drawings. Our customized brake product, It can not only meet the performance requirements of customers but also meet the personalized requirements of customers. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, customers are absolutely assured of the quality of our products.

Types of Electric Bicycle Brake Accessories

  • Electric Bicycle Brake Lever E Bike Brake Levers

    Diversified styles, can meet the various needs of customers, customized customers need to pay the mold fee.
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  • Electric Bicycle Caliper

    The caliper body is entirely machined from billet metal, while ultra-precise FEM analysis has been used to optimize both weight and stiffness. The caliper comes complete with sintered pads - the state of the art in braking technology currently available on the market.
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  • Electric Bicycle Master Cylinder

    We have a wide range of Electric bicycle master cylinders, and can also be customized according to customer needs.
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  • Electric Bicycle Brake Rotor Disc E Bike Disc Brakes

    A wide variety of products, if you need to customize, you can provide samples at the same time you need to pay the mold fee.
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Advantages of Electric Bike Brakes Parts

  • 1

    Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts are of superior quality.  On dry roads, tires seldom slip, but on wet roads, the situation is different. In this case, if the rear wheel slips, it is easy to regain balance, but if the front wheel slips, it is impossible to save the car, so you must use the rear electric cycle brake to stop the car. 

  • 2

    Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts are tough and dependable. The situation on soft roads is similar to that on wet roads, where the possibility of the tires slipping is greatly increased, and the rear electric bike brakes must also be used to stop the car, but at this time the front electric bike brake can be used at your discretion, with the front wheels not slipping as the limit. 

  • 3

    Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts include longer warranties.

  • 4

    Jinpo Electric bicycle spare parts can save you money.

FAQ about Electric Bicycle Spare Part

  • Q

    What accessories are including in the electric bike spare brakes?


    Upper pump, piston, e bike brake levers, oil cap, aluminum half cap, tubing joint, rubber tubing, lower pump, bracket plate, lower pump piston, and various standard parts. 

  • Q

    What's the application of electric cycle brake in e bike spare parts?


    In the process of riding, the rider holds the brake handle of the pump, the oil pushes the piston of the upper pump to generate oil pressure which is transmitted to the lower pump body through the oil pipe, and the ejector piston pushes the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to play a brake role.  

  • Q

    What's the difference of ebike hydraulic brakes components than common ones ?


    The normal brake is vertical encircling brake, hydraulic brake is side to the brake, more smooth than the ordinary brake.  Hydraulic brake is the use of the principle of the connector, the lever is smaller than the hand grip control of large braking force effect.  

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