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We are one of the top manufacturers for different types of bicycle brakes. About motorcycle brake system we all supply, including custom motorcycle brake calipers, motorcycle master cylinder, motorcycle brake lever,motorcycle brake disc and motorcycle brake pads. we can also supply customized brake systems,just need customer supply samples or drawings. Our customized brake product, It can not only meet the performance requirements of customers but also meet the personalized requirements of customers. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, customers are absolutely assured of the quality of our products.

Types of Motorcycle Brake Accessories

  • Motorcycle Caliper Custom Motorcycle Brake Caliper Parts

    The caliper body is entirely machined from good quality metal, while ultra-precise FEM analysis has been used to optimize both weight and stiffness.
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  • Motorcycle Master Cylinder Motorcycle Brake Cylinder

    We have a wide range of motorcycle master cylinders, and can also be customized according to customer needs.
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  • Motorcycle Brake Rotor Disc Custom Motorcycle Brake Rotors

    A wide variety of products, if you need to customize, you can provide samples at the same time you need to pay the mold fee.
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  • Motorcycle Brake Lever Custom Motorcycle Clutch and Brake Levers

    Diversified styles, can meet the various needs of customers, customized customers need to pay the mold fee.
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Advantages of Motorcycle Disc Brake Parts

  • 1

    Jinpo motorcycle brake parts are of superior quality. In the process of moto brakes operation, the custom motorcycle brake calipers and the universal brake master cylinder for motorcycles come into contact with each other at high speed, causing vibration between them and making a sharp noise. By punching the motor brake parts you can change their intrinsic frequency to avoid resonance and achieve a reduction in vibration and noise as well as a longer life.

  • 2

    Jinpo motorcycle brake parts are tough and dependable. Equipping your motorcycle with professional motor brake parts will not only make the stopping process smoother but will also prevent you from getting into an accident. With new brake pads, brake shoes, custom motorcycle brake rotors and custom motorcycle clutch and brake levers, you can be sure that you will have a better chance of stopping when you need to.

  • 3

    Jinpo motorcycle spare parts include longer warranties. If you have any questions about brake of motorcycle, our technical support team will be ready to help you out.

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    Jingpo motorcycle brake accessories can save your money. To ensure the orderly management of roads and the safe movement of motorcycles in everyday life. Having fresh and high quality motor brake parts is essential for a safe and fun ride.

FAQ about Motorcycle Brake Accessories

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    What accessories are including in the brake parts motorcycle?


    The motorcycle brakes accessories include brake pads and motorcycle disc brake parts. How often you replace your brake pads and discs will depend on your driving style, if you frequently brake sharply the quicker your pads and discs will wear out. The more miles you cover, the more often you will have to consider brake pad or brake disc replacement.

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    Questions About Purchasing Motorcycle Disk Brake Parts


    How do I know if it fits my motorcycle?

    We will send samples to customers for trial installation to make sure that the samples can meet their requirements.

    I found a part I want. Can you get it for me?

    Yes we can customize

    Do you ship? I live far away from here.

    We can ship by express or by sea

    What is your return policy?

    If it is not improper operation, it will be replaced free of charge within a year

  • Q

    How to choose motorcycle linked braking system, automatic brake system motorcycle or motorcycle hydraulic brake system?


    Automatic brakes have a good self-braking effect, because the brake pads are outwardly tensioned and the wheel rotation twists the outwardly tensioned brake drum at an angle, the greater the brake pad outward tension, the more obvious the situation. Automatic braking systems are manufactured at a lower level of technology and are the first to be used in braking systems, so manufacturing costs are lower than hydraulic braking systems.

    Hydraulic brakes have better heat dissipation than automatic brakes, and are less likely to cause brake failure when the brakes are continuously applied. Compared with automatic brakes, hydraulic brakes are simple in construction and easy to maintain.

Motorcycle Brake Parts News

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