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Custom Motorcycle Brake Rotors Discs

We supply many kinds of motorcycle brake rotor disc, the ships can be customized, just need customer supply drawings or samples.Our available diameter is 160mm motorbike brake discs, 180mm motorcycle brake rotor, 190mm motorcycle disk brake, 200mm motorcycle disc, 220mm rotor disc motorcycle, 240mm braking motorcycle discs, 290mm braking motorcycle rotors and 300mm motorcycle brake disc. Inquiry disc brake price for motorcycles from China motorcycle brake accessories markets.

Technical Specification of the Motorcycle Disc Brake Parts




Motor Disk Brake

Diameter size

190mm motor disc brake, 220mm disc brake motor, 260mm disk brake motor


Stainless steel


Silver black or customized


4-hole convex plate

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How To Straighten Custom Motorcycle Brake Rotors Discs

Straightening custom motorcycle brake rotor discs requires careful inspection and proper technique. Start by removing the rotor from the wheel and placing it on a flat surface. Use a dial indicator to identify any warping or unevenness. Apply controlled pressure with a rubber mallet or a brake rotor straightening tool to gently tap the high spots, gradually bringing the rotor back into shape. Repeat the process until the rotor is straight. Avoid excessive force to prevent damage. It's essential to ensure the rotor is within manufacturer specifications and consider professional assistance if the warping is severe.

What Are The Different Types Of Custom Motorcycle Brake Rotors Discs?

Custom motorcycle brake rotor discs come in various types, each offering unique characteristics. Common options include:

Solid Rotors: These one-piece rotors are made of a single material, typically cast iron or stainless steel. They provide reliable and consistent braking performance at a lower cost.

Drilled Rotors: These rotors feature holes drilled into the disc surface to aid in heat dissipation and prevent gas buildup between the pad and rotor, improving performance in wet conditions.

Slotted Rotors: Slotted rotors have machined slots on the surface, which help to evacuate gas, debris, and water, resulting in enhanced braking and improved pad bite.

Floating Rotors: These rotors consist of two separate parts connected by floating pins, allowing the outer ring to expand and contract with heat, reducing the risk of warping and improving overall performance.

Solid Brake Discs Vs. “Floating” Brake Discs For Custom Motorcycle Brake Rotors Discs

Solid brake discs and "floating" brake discs are two different designs with distinct characteristics for custom motorcycle brake rotor discs.

Solid Brake Discs: These one-piece discs provide simplicity, durability, and cost-effectiveness. They are generally lighter than floating discs and offer reliable performance for most riding applications.

"Floating" Brake Discs: These discs consist of two parts connected by floating pins, allowing the outer ring to expand and contract with heat. This design helps reduce the risk of warping, improves heat dissipation, and provides consistent performance under extreme braking conditions. Floating discs are often favored in high-performance and track-oriented motorcycles. However, they tend to be more expensive than solid discs and may require more maintenance due to the floating components.

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FAQ about Motor Brake Disc

  • Q

    what is the minimum order quantity?


    We have stock, so you can order small quantity even one piece.

  • Q

    Can you send me a sample?


    yes, we can send you sample for checking our need pay sample fee,but we will refund you once you place bulk order from us.

  • Q

    What is the delivery time?


    Usually 7-15 days, mass order according to the quantity.

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