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Custom Motorcycle Brake Caliper Parts

We have a variety of motorcycle brake caliper parts for your choice. Our motorbike brake calipers are designed into 4 types: 3 positions, 2 pistons, 1 piston, and opposed pistons. Also, we can design custom motorcycle caliper parts according to customers' special requests. Inquiry for wholesale motorcycle brake caliper price!

Motor Caliper Part Application

  • We have hundreds of brake caliper motorcycles for motorcycle brake caliper system and some of motorcycle brake caliper parts have been widely used in Honda, Yamaha and many other famous motorcycle brands, which have gained a lot of excellent praise from our clients. 

  • In addition, we have successfully developed and produced 6 pistons motorcycle caliper parts for big CC motorcycles, for which we have applied for patent. For more motorcycle brake accessories, please contact us.

Motorcycle Brake Caliper Parts Technical Specifications

The piston cylinder number2
The piston diameter25
Thickness of brake lining7
Brake disc thickness3.5
Brake disc diameter0 180,0 190,0 220
The pitch of loading43,84,96
Loading hole specification2xM8
Caliper feed hole specificationsM10X1.25

Other Motorcycle Brake Accessories Parts You May Be Interested

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Custom motorcycle brake discs:  190mm motor disc brake, 220mm disc brake motor, 260mm disk brake motor and custom designs

Custom motorcycle clutch and brake levers:  Motorcycle brake levers come in various types, each offering unique designs and features to suit different riding styles and preferences.

How To Rebuild Custom Motorcycle's Brake Caliper Parts

Rebuilding custom motorcycle brake calipers parts involves disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, and replacing worn-out parts. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  • Gather the necessary tools and parts:

Socket and wrench set

Brake cleaner

New seals and O-rings

Brake fluid

  • Remove the caliper:

Loosen the caliper mounting bolts

Slide the caliper off the rotor and secure it in a vice

  • Disassemble the caliper:

Remove the brake pads and retaining pins

Take out the caliper piston and inspect it for wear or damage

Clean all components with brake cleaner

  • Replace worn parts:

Replace any damaged seals, O-rings, or pistons

Ensure that all parts are properly lubricated with brake fluid

  • Reassemble the caliper:

Put the cleaned and replaced components back together

Install new brake pads and retaining pins

Tighten the caliper mounting bolts

  • Bleed the brake system:

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to bleed the brake system and remove any air bubbles

What Are The Different Types Of Custom Motorcycle Brake Caliper Parts?

There are several types of Custom motorcycle brake caliper parts available in the market. Here are the most common ones:

Floating calipers: These calipers have a single piston on one side, and the other side floats on guide pins. They are cost-effective and widely used in motorcycles.

Fixed calipers: These calipers have multiple pistons on both sides and are generally found on high-performance motorcycles. They provide better braking power and improved heat dissipation.

Radial calipers: These calipers have pistons arranged in a radial pattern. They offer increased rigidity and better brake modulation, making them popular in sport bikes.

Custom motorcycle brake caliper parts: Custom calipers are aftermarket options that offer unique designs, colors, and performance enhancements. They provide a personalized touch to a motorcycle's braking system.

How To Compress Custom Motorcycle Brake Caliper Parts?

Compressing custom motorcycle brake caliper Parts is a crucial step when reinstalling them after maintenance or brake pad replacement. Here's a simple procedure:

  • Prepare the caliper:

Make sure the caliper is clean and free of debris

Check the condition of the brake pads and replace if necessary

  • Compress the pistons:

Use a C-clamp or piston compression tool to gently push the pistons back into the caliper bore

Ensure the brake fluid reservoir cap is removed to allow fluid to return to the master cylinder

  • Check fluid level and bleed if required:

After compressing the caliper, inspect the brake fluid level in the reservoir and top up if needed

Bleed the brake system following the manufacturer's instructions if any air is present

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Custom Motorcycle Brake Caliper Parts FAQs

  • Q

    Are brake calipers Universal?


    Motorcycle brake caliper parts are not universal. Based on different car and wheel specifications, there are custom motorcycle brake calipers for your demand.  For more information, you can inquiry our technology team about universal motorcycle brake caliper.

  • Q

    Which motorcycle brake caliper system is the best?


    There are two kinds of motorcycle brake caliper system, one is the hydraulic disc brake caliper brake motor, the other is the stock brake motor caliper. Hydraulic disc brakes are more sensitive, more difficult to control, the stock kill better control, the problem is that if the stock brakes are old and not replaced with water in the rainy days will increase the brake sensitivity is easy to drag the motor brake caliper is very dangerous

  • Q

    Are front and rear bike brake calipers the same for motocycle?

  • Q

    How long should my motorcycle brake calipers last?


    If you look after the brake caliper parts for motorcycles, you should just rebuild them based on the recommended service intervals – every two years in the case of this brake calipers motorcycle!

  • Q

    How do I know when my motorcycle brake calipers needs servicing/replacing?


    You can check the motorcycle calipers by getting the wheel off the ground then turning the wheel, feeling and listening for drag. Try applying the caliper for motorcycle, then let go and see if the wheel frees up again; if they don’t come off cleanly, you’ll probably need to put some work in.

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