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Motorcycle Brake Cylinder

About motorcycle brake we all supply, include caliper, motorcycle brake master cylinder, brake lever, brake disc, and brake pads. we can also supply customized motorcycle brake cylinder systems, just need customer supply samples or drawings. Our customized motorcycle clutch master cylinder, can not only meet the performance requirements of customers but also meet the personalized requirements of customers. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, customers are absolutely assured of the quality of our brake cylinder motorcycle. Choose Jumpo be your motorcycle brake supplier. We can offer you motorcycle front brake master cylinder, motorcycle rear brake master cylinder.

Advantages of Custom Motorcycle Front Brake Master Cylinder

Enhanced braking performance for maximum stopping power. Precise control and modulation of braking force for improved safety.Provides better stability during quick stops and emergency braking. Instills rider confidence and enhances overall riding experience.

Advantages of Motorcycle Rear Brake Master Cylinder

Maintains stability and prevents rear-wheel lock-up during braking. Offers better control for low-speed maneuvers and parkingComplements the front brake system for balanced braking. Ensures safe and controlled deceleration.

Motorcycle Brake Cylinder Technical Specification

The piston diameter


Handle span


Light travel


Brake disc diameter


Mirror hole


Input hole specification


Other Motorcycle Brake Accessories Parts You May Be Interested

Motorcycle caliper parts: 3 positions, 2 pistons, 1 piston, and opposed pistons and custom designs.

Custom motorcycle brake discs:  190mm motor disc brake, 220mm disc brake motor, 260mm disk brake motor and custom designs

Custom motorcycle clutch and brake levers:  Motorcycle brake levers come in various types, each offering unique designs and features to suit different riding styles and preferences.

What Does The Master Cylinder Do On A Motorcycle?

The motorcycle brake master cylinder is a crucial component responsible for converting the force applied to the brake lever into hydraulic pressure, which then activates the braking system. It houses a piston that, when pushed by the rider's input, forces brake fluid through the brake lines and into the brake calipers. This hydraulic pressure then causes the brake pads to squeeze against the rotors, generating friction and slowing down the motorcycle. The master cylinder plays a vital role in transmitting the rider's braking intentions to the braking system, ensuring safe and effective stopping power.

How To Test A Motorcycle Master Cylinder?

To test a motorcycle master cylinder, start by inspecting the brake fluid level and condition. Ensure that the reservoir is filled to the recommended level and that the fluid is clear and free from contaminants. Next, squeeze and release the brake lever multiple times while observing if the lever feels firm and consistent in resistance. If the lever feels spongy or inconsistent, it may indicate air in the system or a faulty master cylinder. Additionally, check for any leaks around the master cylinder and inspect the brake lines for any signs of damage. If any issues are detected, it is recommended to consult a professional mechanic for further evaluation.

How Does A Motorcycle Master Cylinder Work?

A motorcycle master cylinder operates on the principle of hydraulics. When the rider applies pressure to the brake lever, a plunger inside the master cylinder is pushed forward. This movement forces brake fluid from the reservoir into the brake lines. The brake fluid, being incompressible, transmits the force from the master cylinder to the brake calipers. The pressure created in the calipers then activates the brake pads, which make contact with the rotors and create friction, ultimately slowing down the motorcycle. The master cylinder's piston movement and hydraulic pressure conversion are crucial for the effective operation of the motorcycle's braking system.

Are Motorcycle Master Cylinders Universal?

Commongly, Master cylinder on motorcycles are not universal, A brake cylinder motorcycle has motorcycle front master cylinder and motorcycle rear brake master cylinder. They work in different functions. In addition, motorcycles have different brands items and parameters, We can offer you custom motorcycle front brake master cylinder.  If you need some ideas about motorcycle front brake master cylinder rebuild, rear master cylinder rebuild kit and motorcycle brake master cylinder replacement, you can send us email. 

For universal brake master cylinder for motorcycles, we can offer you universal motorcycle front brake master cylinder and universal motorcycle rear brake master cylinder.  

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FAQ about Motorcycle Master Cylinder

  • Q

    How do you test a brake master cylinder on a motorcycle?


    We will send samples to customers for trial installation to make sure that the samples can meet their requirements.

  • Q

    How do you rebuild the brake master cylinder on a motorcycle


    Remove the block and piston assembly from the crankcase and gently tap the block with a rubber hammer to separate the block from the crankcase.

    Inspect the block and piston assembly. 

    Replace the engine block and piston assembly. 

    Although the installation process of the motorcycle brake master cylinder rebuild does not look complicated, but it is indeed a technical work, the same installation process, different processes, different experience, after the installation of the power will be different

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