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The Question That Every Car Owner Cannot Ignore: How Often to Replace the E-bike Brake Pads?

The service life of the E-bike brake pads is closely related to the actual application conditions. Generally speaking, the e bike disc brake pads are different from those of motorcycles and similar to those of bicycles (this is because the center of gravity of the car will lean forward when braking). Under normal circumstances: the normal use cycle is one year, depending on the personal riding situation! When you feel that the braking force of the brake is insufficient, check the wear condition. If you can adjust it tightly, adjust it and replace it with a new one. But in normal driving, if you encounter these three signs, you should pay more attention!

1. Thickness of E-bike brake pads

When the thickness of the brake pads becomes very thin, the braking function will be greatly reduced, affecting the driving safety. When the brake pads wear to <5mm, it is almost time to replace for electric cycle brake. Note: Many disc brakes for electric vehicles are designed by their own factories, and there is no model at all. You need to judge the model you want to replace according to your own electric vehicle brake pad model.

2. Abnormal sound of E-bike brake pads

When braking, try to listen to the sound when braking. If you hear a sharp sound similar to iron grinding iron, you should pay attention. The electric car has been used for a long time, and the oil of various parts and connections is easy to make noise. The rear shock absorber is also a place for noise. The solution: drip oil and lubricate. If the inner core is seriously deformed, it needs to be replaced.

3. Electric vehicle brake pad reaction and interval

When the brake pads of the electric car become thinner, the braking response of the battery car will also become slow, and it is necessary to press the brake deeper and harder to achieve the previous braking effect. When you find that the braking result of the first half of the brake is significantly weakened, the brakes become soft and a little unstoppable, you should check whether the brake pads need to be replaced.

In the process of electric vehicle driving, the brake is one of the most important components to ensure road safety. If the brake fails, your riding speed will be uncontrolled, which will bring serious safety hazards to electric vehicle drivers. If the brakes are inflexible and need to be repaired in time, don't let the electric vehicle "sick" on the road! Usually, checking the tightness of the brakes more often nips the possible danger in the bud, and being responsible for others also guarantees your own safety. E-bike brake pads are indirectly related to cycling safety. Don't save this money, replace them as soon as possible, and try not to wait until the wear limit is reached.

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