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What Are the Functions of Motorcycle Caliper?

Motorcycle caliper can make brakes no longer weak and ensure safe driving.

  • Brake calipers are clamp devices that have functions such as slowing down the moving wheel, stopping or maintaining the stopped state, usually used in the disc brake system. The disc brake is composed of a brake oil pump, a brake disc connected to the wheel, and a brake caliper on the disc. During braking, high pressure brake fluid pushes the piston inside the caliper, and the brake pads are pressed against the brake disc to produce a braking effect.

  • Calipers can also be called brake cylinders. There are many pistons inside the caliper. The role of the caliper is to push the brake pads to clamp the brake disc to decelerate the car. After the brake pads clamp the brake disc, kinetic energy can be converted into thermal energy. The braking system is an important system in the car, which is related to the stability and safety of the car.

The difference between one-way and two-way motorcycle calipers

  • One-way motorcycle caliper refers to the design in which only one side of the caliper has a piston, and the other side is a fixed brake pad. Therefore, one-way calipers are equipped with a floating pin design to allow the caliper to move left and right, so that both sides of the brake pads can bite the disc.

  • Two-way motorcycle caliper has pistons on both sides of the caliper, and uses oil pressure to push the brake pads to clamp the disc in both directions. In terms of braking performance, the two-way caliper is obviously better than the one-way caliper, so many modified calipers on the market are of the two-way design.

Precautions for using the motor caliper

  • Before work, check whether the work site and tools are safe. If there are any unsafe or damaged parts, clean and repair them in time and place them properly.

  • When using a chisel, the cutting edge should be sharpened and the tail should be ground off. It is strictly forbidden to face the chisel mouth to people during chiseling, and pay attention to the direction of flying iron filings to avoid injury. When using the hammer, first check whether the handle is loose and wipe off the oil stains. The hand holding the hammer is not allowed to wear gloves.

  • The file used must have a file handle. During operation, the file should not swing up and down except for filing the rounded surface. It should be pushed heavily and pulled lightly to maintain horizontal movement. The file should not be stained with oil, and it should not be stacked on top of each other when stored.

There are three colors of motorcycle caliper parts, namely red, yellow, and gray from Jumpo motorcycle brake supplier. The yellow brake caliper is used on ceramic brakes and is usually used on high-performance cars; the red brake caliper is used on high-performance brakes; the gray color is used on high-performance sedans and ordinary car models.

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