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What Are the Things to Consider when Buying Brake Pads?

The application of brake pads has some advantages such as a relatively long service life and the ability to balance the braking distance. However, there are many types of friction pads on the market now, and the quality of the product brands of different friction pads is also different. Next, Jumpo will introduce some methods for purchasing the quality of e bike disc brake pads.

Genuine brake pads look smooth and neat, with good materials, not too hard or too soft, and have the advantages of balancing braking distance and long service life. The quality of the brake pads is mainly determined by the material used, so it is difficult to distinguish the pros and cons with the naked eye, and car owners are often fooled. Identifying genuine brake pads requires specialized knowledge and skills to test them out, but there are still some small differences that allow us to distinguish the authenticity of the brake pads for electric cycle brake.

1. Look at the packaging of E-bike brake pads

The packaging of original accessories is generally standardized, with unified standard specifications, and the printing and writing are clear and formal, while the packaging and printing of fake and inferior products are relatively poor, and it is often easy to find flaws in the packaging.

2. Look at the color of the E-bike brake pads

Some original parts have a certain color specified on the surface, and if other colors are encountered, they are fake and inferior parts.

3. Look at the appearance of the brake pads of electric vehicles

The appearance of the original parts is clear and regular in printing or casting and marking, while the appearance of the fake and inferior products is rough.

4. Look at the paint of E-bike brake pads

Unscrupulous businessmen will simply process waste accessories, such as dismantling, assembling, assembling, assembling, painting, etc., and then sell them as qualified products, illegally obtaining high profits.

5. Look at the quality of E-bike brake pads

The materials of the original parts are qualified materials according to the design requirements, and the fake and inferior products are mostly replaced by cheap and inferior materials.

6. Look at the process of E-bike brake pads

The appearance of inferior products is sometimes good, but due to the poor manufacturing process of E-bike brake pads, cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs or bumps are prone to occur.

7. Look at the storage of E-bike brake pads

If the brake pads have problems such as dry cracking, oxidation, discoloration or aging, it may be caused by the poor environment during storage, long storage time, and poor material itself.

8. Look at the brake pad engagement of the electric vehicle

If the rivets of the brake pads are loosened, degummed, the joints of electrical parts are de-soldered, and the joints of the paper filter elements are disengaged, they cannot be used.

9. Look at the brake pad logo of the electric vehicle

Some regular parts are marked with certain marks. Pay attention to the production license and the specified friction coefficient mark on the package of E-bike brake pads. The quality of products without these two marks is difficult to guarantee.

10. Look at the lack of E-bike brake pads

Regular assembly components must be complete and intact to ensure smooth installation and normal operation. Some small parts on some assemblies are missing, generally "parallel imports", which makes installation difficult. Often due to the shortage of individual small parts, the entire assembly components are scrapped.

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